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3 Ways To Combat 2019’s High Hospital Closure Rate

Twenty-seven states have seen over 100 of their hospitals close since 2010 and the numbers are not slowing down. According to a recent study by management consultancy firm Navigant, 1 in 5 rural hospitals is at high risk of closing due to financial issues. Another...

What Makes the BidMed Exchange Different?

Whether you’re selling assets or looking to save on purchases, the BidMed Exchange will help maximize your bottom line. BidMed is the only asset disposition company to develop our own in-house, custom-built auction software to connect buyers and sellers, allowing us...

Breaking the Auction and Removal Record for Walnut Hill

Private Dallas medical center Walnut Hill closed abruptly on June 2, 2017, three years after opening its doors. A trustee was assigned to oversee the closure and hired BidMed with a three-week deadline. In 23 days, BidMed organized the sale and removal of over 90% of the facility’s equipment and supplies. They exceeded the total estimates given to their clients by $3 million.

How to Request GreenBook Reports

GreenBook fair market value (FMV) reports put the power back in healthcare facilities’ hands. Our extensive pricing database shows what your capital equipment is truly worth, leading to better asset disposition choices. Use GreenBook reports to: Validate OEM trade-in...

How to Bid in Timed Auction Events

Sealed Bid Special Events gather live bids from participants for a set period of time. BidMed’s automated bidding system makes the process simple and easy. There are four general steps for events: Register | View Listings | Submit Bids |...

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