Connect teams and simplify workflows across your equipment lifecycle with Workflow+.

A desktop computer showing Helix Workflow+ inventory management software equipment disposition dashboard.

Workflow+ medical inventory management software helps track and retain more value for your equipment. It’s perfect for managing a single facility or a full health system.

Tiered User Permissions

Connect all stakeholders to increase transparency and consistency between record bases.

Simplified Lifecycle Workflows

Improve process compliance and help track equipment more efficiently.

Easy In-Network Transfers

Increase equipment lifetime value and minimize purchases by keeping assets in your system.

Extended Equipment Network

Retain even more value with access to extended networks, specialized experts, and essential data.

Discover Simplified Medical Inventory Management Software

Easy medical inventory management software — connect all stakeholders and manage equipment retirement workflows.

A single centralized interface allows your teams to manage and efficiently communicate all retirement methods in one place. This includes trade-ins, internal transfers, resales, moving to storage, donation, or scrap removals.

Centralize your retirement workflows by applying customized processes that streamline requests, forms, and approvals for all retirement methods.

Connect all stakeholders using tiered user permissions. This provides the tailored information each member needs to keep consistent records across all databases.

Get immediate access to data with easy-to-access breakout reports — by retirement method, equipment type, and location.

An intuitive interface simplifies and standardizes processes for all user types.

Workflow+ increases user buy-in and improves process compliance. It uses streamlined digital forms and transparent communication to create faster requests and approvals.

Improve process compliance with a simple, efficient interface and automated processes. Simplify every step of retirement workflows!

Expedite approvals using personalized queues. Approved users can view outstanding actions required and approve requests with the click of a button.

Get instant insights from on-demand reporting. Teams can use retirement method details to determine and implement best practices network-wide.

Infographic representing the inventory management software features.
Infographic representing the importance of considering medical equipment costs and lifetime values.

Extend the lifetime value of your equipment in-network and minimize unnecessary purchases with tailored inventory management software.

Workflow+ medical inventory management software helps manage equipment network-wide. List, request, and approve available equipment transfers across your entire network with one streamlined interface.

Retain value within your network with fast and easy transfers. Smart health systems eliminate inefficient communications and approval wait times with automated processes in Workflow+.

Save time and money with a centralized platform. Customized access levels provide transparency while maintaining control of required approvals.

Integrate acute care and ambulatory sites for stronger network-wide connections. This helps extend the life of your equipment and minimize unnecessary new purchases.

Expand your options with exclusive access to specialized features and experts — going beyond simple medical inventory management software.

Leverage BidMed’s expertise and hospital-exclusive equipment exchange to capture the best value for your equipment outside of your network.

The “Help Me Decide” feature provides a Fair Market Valuation of equipment. This helps understand resale values and determine the best method of retirement.

The Helix hospital-exclusive equipment exchange allows you to sell and purchase equipment from other reputable health systems across the country.

Our specialized team of sales and procurement experts can also provide tailored services. We can help optimize both savings and returns on your medical equipment needs.

Infographic representing the importance of specialized features and experts for inventory management software.

Experience the Benefits of Workflow+

Frequently Asked Questions:
Workflow+ Medical Inventory Management Software

What is Workflow+ medical inventory management software?

Workflow+ is an integrative medical inventory management software solution. It allows medical networks to connect teams and simplify workflows across capital equipment lifecycles.

It provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage and efficiently communicate all retirement methods in one place. Clear user queues and automated workflows connect all stakeholders and create transparency at every stage.

Premium users also have access to transfer equipment between networked facilities, keeping valuable equipment in their health system.

What are the benefits of Workflow+?

Workflow+ provides an intuitive interface that simplifies and standardizes processes for capital equipment lifecycle management.

The system connects all stakeholders, improves process compliance, and provides instant insights from on-demand reporting. These key features help hospitals and health systems minimize wasted financial and time-management resources.

What are the top features of Workflow+?

Some of the key features in Workflow+ include:

Tiered user permissions make sure everyone has the access the need.

Tailored user queues clarify the workflow process and simplify user to-dos. They also add transparency so every user knows where an asset is within a workflow.

Automated workflows cut down on confusion within a workflow. Status updates and notifications help identify both completed and pending approvals.

Clear reporting makes it easy for leadership to identify gaps in compliance and opportunities to improve capital budgets.

PLUS access to the Helix exchange network helps leverage the secondary market to optimize capital budgets:

Easy in-network transfers keep value within your health system and reduce unnecessary purchases.

An extended equipment network helps hospitals buy and sell directly from other medical facilities. This cuts out third party expenses, increasing value for both buyers and sellers.

Retirement Workflow Management Features

  • customize requests, digital forms, and approvals for all retirement methods
  • view data by retirement method, equipment type, and location
  • automate processes to improve system-wide compliance
  • expedite approvals using personalized queues
  • get quick insights with ondemand reporting
  • request Fair Market Valuations for any equipment

In-Network Transfer Management Features

  • list, request, and approve available equipment transfers
  • customize single and multi-tier listings options
  • complete digital approvals for both transferring and receiving sites
  • integrated all acute care and ambulatory sites for stronger network-wide connections

Hospital-Exclusive Equipment Exchange Features

  • purchase equipment directly from other reputable health systems across the country with digital purchase request and approval processes
  • maximize equipment value outside of your network, with the ability to list and approve external equipment sales
  • customize approval queues to release unclaimed transfers for external sale

How does Workflow+ help healthcare organizations save time and money?

Workflow+ helps save time and money by streamlining processes and ensuring all stakeholders have access to the information they need.

Personalized queues help expedite approval processes. This allows users to see outstanding actions required and approve requests with a simple click of a button.

Reporting tools help management identify gaps in compliance and visualize opportunities to improve value retention through the retirement process.

Easy in-network transfers also keep assets within your system, extending the lifetime value of your equipment and minimizing unnecessary purchases.


What types of organizations use Workflow+?

Healthcare organizations of all sizes use Helix, including hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers.

It is especially powerful for health systems and other larger medical networks. These organizations can optimize workflows and improve capital budgets across a large number of facilities.

Is Workflow+ easy to use?

Yes, Workflow+ is user-friendly and intuitive.

We built Helix in collaboration with some of the top national health systems in the US. Our system makes it is easy for all user types to manage and communicate retirement methods.

Can Workflow+ be customized to meet my organization's needs?

Workflow+ is a flexible solution and customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization.

A tailored onboarding process allows our developers to customize settings for your organization’s unique requirements.

How can healthcare organizations get started with Helix?

To get started with Helix, just schedule a 30-minute demo. It’s a straightforward process that lets you see firsthand how Helix can benefit your organization.

Visit to set up your demo and start experiencing the power of Helix.

How much does Helix cost?

Pricing varies depending on the size of your health system, based on the number of acute care facilities included.

Annual subscriptions include unlimited assets, unlimited users, and unlimited outpatient sites associated with each acute care site.

What makes Helix different from other inventory management software solutions?

We collaborated with some of the largest US hospitals to design Helix specifically for the medical industry. Helix is also special in its ability to facilitate internal transfers across large medical networks.

On top of optimizing workflows and enabling internal transfers, Helix also helps hospitals improve their budgets using the secondary market. Our hospital-only equipment exchange is a trusted source for quality used capital assets.

Plus our expert team helps ensure you’re getting the right value for your equipment. We provide information on the resale value of equipment and can advise on whether trade-ins are the best option. All available under one subscription to Helix Workflow+.

Is Workflow+ secure?

Workflow+ uses industry-standard encryption and other security measures to ensure your data is protected.

Helix is not HIPAA compliant and should not be used for sensitive patient records. It is designed to manage equipment lifecycles only.

How can I learn more about Workflow+?

We’d love to show you how Workflow+ works! Please schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our specialists below.

We’ll walk you through the software and provide plenty of time for your questions.

Ready to optimize your entire equipment workflow?

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