Medical and healthcare equipment has an average utilization rate of 42%, causing an overall revenue loss in the billions for facilities across the country. High costs, combined with the loss of revenue, can easily contribute to facilities’ financial risk and closure. With close to 20% of the nation’s medical facilities at high risk of closure, it’s important to keep an eye on your bottom line.

Buying and selling assets second-hand can reduce underutilization and budget waste, and offer your facility a profitable alternative revenue stream.

BidMed’s Exchange, a public resale platform, connects buyers and sellers with quality pre-owned medical equipment. The real-time marketplace helps hospitals and medical facilities maximize their profits and develop a secure network of industry professionals.

Public Exchange For Buyers

Medical facilities can find significant savings by purchasing quality used assets on the BidMed Exchange. Whether buying equipment directly from another facility or restored items from our certified refurbishers, second hand-assets can stretch hospital budgets without sacrificing patient care.

Buyers can view all listings for sale, as well as make, review, and update bids directly on the Public Exchange listings page. Current bids can also be viewed and managed through a user’s Workflow+ portal, along with all past items won.

Once an item has been won, BidMed will reach out with an invoice and collect payment within 48 hours, then connect buyers and sellers to finalize shipping and logistics details. We’re also happy to support subscribed hospitals with logistics recommendations in most cases, though buyers are ultimately responsible for their own shipping and delivery.

Free Buyer Accounts

If you are interested in purchasing equipment but aren’t ready for a full software subscription, a BidMed Free Buyer’s account may be your best option.

Because the Exchange is public, any facility can create a buyer account. Just register and submit basic information in order to log in and gain access to the auction platform and bid on items.

Public Exchange For Sellers

Workflow+, part of the Helix tech suite, simplifies the process of managing asset lifecycles and creating an auction-ready inventory.

Workflow+ allows sellers to push items directly from their desktop portal to the Public Exchange. You can attach photos of assets and input identifying information before uploading inventory to Workflow+, either manually or using the BidMobile app.

Unsure how to price your facility’s assets? Subscribers can add access to fair market valuation reports with their subscription, helping clarify expectations and set reserve pricing, if applicable.

Once listings are complete, you can push them directly to the auction platform to begin a sale. Similar to eBay, sellers have full visibility of all listed items, received bids, and reserve prices, and are notified when an item has been sold. BidMed contacts buyers on the seller’s behalf to reconcile payment, then connects buyer and seller to coordinate shipping and/or pickup. We work at the account level to help streamline the purchase process for your convenience.

Why BidMed’s Exchange?

Auction houses and platforms may be numerous but they are rarely tailored to the medical industry and user’s specialized needs.

BidMed’s Exchange ties directly into our proprietary inventory system and has been built with medical asset acquisition and disposition in mind. And, Unlike off-the-shelf services, our tech suite is designed by dedicated developers who continuously update the platform with customized, user-friendly features.

To learn more about the BidMed Exchange, request a demo of our tech suite to get started with your seller’s subscription, or register for a FREE buyer account.

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