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Find tips and tricks for increased savings with certified pre-owned purchasing, or maximizing returns with strategic disposition.

Why It’s So Important to Understand Fair Market Values

Buying and selling used medical equipment to improve capital budgets requires understanding fair market values for assets. But what exactly does that mean and why is it important? What is FMV? Fair market value (FMV) represents how much an item is worth on the market...

How to Buy Quality Used Medical Equipment

For years, hospitals and other medical facilities have shied away from secondary market savings. And it made sense — how do you find quality used medical equipment that you know actually works and meets patient care standards? But “used” doesn’t have to be a...

3 Reasons Banks and Creditors Should Use BidMed

Nine of the 11 hospitals that closed in the first half of 2019 cited bankruptcy and financial challenges, leaving bankers’ and creditors’ hands full. Asset disposition has become a crucial step in regaining closure costs. BidMed has worked with many financial lending...

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