Asset Disposition Services

Medical asset disposition is one of the easiest ways for hospitals to optimize their capital budgets, and you have more options than just OEM trade-in offers.

We can help assess and execute the best methods for your needs. Plus, having a streamlined disposition process helps maintain an accurate asset ledger.

You know dispositions return important value…

Acute care centers regularly upgrade equipment to the newest models. But these assets often retain significant value for ambulatory centers, physician practices, and even other hospitals.

Exploring disposition options helps optimize the value and useful life of your equipment. But, if you’re like most hospitals, you may struggle with limited time and resources to explore all the options.

But how do you get the most money back?

What are assets really worth?

Who do you sell to?

Whose job is it, really?

Let BidMed do the heavy lifting!

Freedom to Focus

Managing equipment dispositions is no small task, and it’s usually not part of anyone’s actual job description. Our team is happy to handle the process, leaving your team to focus on what you do best!

Secondary Market Expertise

Secondary market medical equipment is what we do. Our specialists know what your equipment is worth and who’s buying now, helping connect the right buyers to the right equipment.

Extended Buyer Network

With access to over 3500+ hospitals, we connect sellers with other end-users. This helps optimize both sellers’ returns and buyers’ savings.

Specialized Technology

Dispositions are easier than ever with our tech suite designed and developed specifically for used medical equipment. Reallocate assets within your system, sell them to another facility, and track value reporting all in one place.

Our process follows three easy steps:

Assess & Plan

Know what equipment is worth and which methods return the most value.

Keep Value In-Network

Health systems can retain more value with internal transfers between facilities.

Connect with Buyers

When it’s time to sell, our technology and network bring the best returns.

How much could you return with strategic dispositions?

Assess Value & Develop a Plan

Before you begin the disposition process, it’s important to know assets’ values and develop a strategic disposition plan.

Fair Market Valuation services

BidMed’s fair market value (FMV) reports blend extensive pricing data with expert analysis. These reports set expectations for secondary market values and enable better disposition choices.

Disposition Planning services

Once you know what equipment is worth, we follow a reliable workflow to determine the best methods of disposition. This strategy increases asset utilization and boosts bottom-line values.
Trade Validation | OEM trade-in offers are an easy option but often fall short of fair market values. Our FMV reports ensure there’s no money left on the table.
Reallocate Assets | Optimize asset utilization and retain value within your health system using a dedicated Private Exchange platform.
Public Sales | High-value assets can be sold individually, while lower-value assets can often be sold together for higher returns. Our specialists help you decide.

Reallocate Assets In-Network

Health systems can find the most savings by moving assets between facilities. These transfers help optimize asset utilization and retain value system-wide.

A dedicated Private Exchange helps integrate your network, from inventory managers to finance executives across facilities. We simplify the transfer process, increase savings, and make finding available equipment easy.

Sell on the Secondary Market

If assets aren’t needed within your network, we connect you with the right resale buyers. Our extensive network of over 10,000 healthcare facilities, OEMs, and dealers helps optimize returns.

BidMed’s specialists blend industry expertise with unparalleled pricing data, helping you manage equipment sales several ways:
decide which items can be sold independently vs lotted together
determine appropriate reserve values for timed auctions
choose the best offers to accept in closed bid sales

Tracking & Recovery Reporting

Once equipment is removed, our integrated tech suite automatically reflects these inventory changes, keeping your asset ledger up to date.

Our reporting dashboard also integrates directly within the Surplus Management System in order to:
see how your disposition strategy breaks down by method
compare methods by value returned or assets removed
verify value returned above OEM offers

Are you ready to optimize your returns?