Hospital liquidations can become complicated quickly. But BidMed’s expertise and comprehensive services take the headache out of the liquidation project management process.

With decades of combined experience in the industry, along with our custom Helix tech suite, BidMed provides unparalleled project management to support your team for large-scale liquidations. We have a 4-step formula to ensure an efficient process AND achieve the highest returns on liquidated equipment.

1. Complete Facility Inventory

BidMed provides an experienced team on-site to conduct a complete inventory of the entire hospital. We include all biomed and non-medical assets. Fields captured are based on client requirements, and complete reports are available online to the client.

Powered by the Helix Mobile App and Inventory+

The Helix Mobile app is built specifically to optimize medical inventory processing. Teams can quickly tag, scan, and process all biomedical assets’ details, including photos, on their own mobile devices.

Data then syncs directly to our cloud-based Inventory+ system. From there, users can further edit and manage assets from a desktop computer.

Using the app, BidMed’s team is able to inventory entire facilities in record-breaking time.

2. Comprehensive On-Site Liquidation Project Management

BidMed’s team manages the disposition process from start to finish. We integrate seamlessly with your existing team and providing daily updates throughout the process.

Our on-site crews coordinate everything from initial inventory to de-installation and removal of equipment. We connect buyers with their equipment at pickup, and foresee potential issues to minimize hiccups throughout the removal process.

Powered by Specialists, Helix, and the BidMed GreenBook

Once uploaded from the Helix Mobile app, users can easily assess and group assets into lots for sale. From there, we can set expectations for sale values by comparing equipment to our proprietary GreenBook valuation database.

Within Inventory+, users can review, edit (individually or in bulk), and add assets online. Inventory lists also push directly from Inventory+ to our auction platforms, making uploads and sales quick and easy.

After the sale is complete, analytics reports are available for customer records, either in PDF or CSV format.

3. Auction Execution (Including Marketing Strategy)

A detailed marketing plan and industry knowledge lets us connect with the right buyers to drive top participation in our auctions. Along with a custom-built auction platform — designed specifically for secondary market medical equipment — BidMed auctions achieve exceptional returns.

Powered by BidMed’s Custom Auction Platform & Extensive Buyer Network

Our customized marketing plans promote sales to the right buyers, at the right time, and through the right channels. BidMed provides this targeted approach by specifically understanding the buying motives and channel preferences of active medical facilities.

Our online auction platform is built specifically for medical equipment on the secondary market. It has been customized according to the needs of this particular industry niche.

Marketing plans include social media, press releases, Google Ads, email campaigns, and direct marketing to known buyers.

4. De-Installations & Removal

Our team provides logistics support coordinating the schedule of de-installations. We certify de-installation companies’ licenses and insurance, and oversee the process until an asset is removed from the facility.

Experience with large-scale removal projects means we can foresee challenges in removal and prepare for minimal delays. Our detail-oriented team also ensures unprecedented cleanup following removals.

Focus on Your Expertise, Let Us Handle the Rest

At the end of the day, hospital liquidations are complex with many moving parts. BidMed’s expertise with clinical engineering equipment and inventory processing simplifies your task load. Add in our secondary market medical equipment expertise and you’re sure to return the most cash possible to your bottom line.

Are you conducting a facility liquidation?

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