Sealed Bid Special Events collect offers from buyers until a set closing date. Offers are then assessed by the seller, who will determine winners for each asset. These winners may be chosen on criteria beyond just the offered price, including buyer reputation.

There are four general steps for events: Register | View Listings | Submit Offers | Event Closing

BidMed conducts two types of Special Event sales, including Sealed Bid and Timed Auction formats. Learn how to participate in Timed Auction events.

1. Register for Event

All buyers must register for each event they’d like to purchase from. You must also have a BidMed online account. Once registration is open for an event, there are two ways to sign up:

Upcoming Events Page

This page aggregates all upcoming BidMed Special Events. When registration is open, buyers can use the buttons to view more details or to register directly for the event.

BidMed's Upcoming Events page, showing a Sealed Bid sale

Event Details Page

(URL specific to event)

At the top right of the page, buyers will find a Register button. Selecting “View Listings” before registering will also take users to the event registration page.

Event Details page for a Sealed Bid sale

2. View Listings

Once registered and logged in, users can view all listings available in the event.

Buyers can add items to their Watch List by clicking the “watch” icon. These items are then accessible using listing filters. View more details about a listing and submit offers by clicking the View Details button.

Event Listings page - example of a Sealed Bid event

3. Submit Offers

Offers can be submitted directly from the Item Details page. For listings with a group (lot) of multiple items, a pricing table helps buyers determine their final offer price.

Competing offers aren’t displayed, so submit your highest offer right away.

Item Details page - example of a Sealed Bid event

4. Event Closing Process


If your offer is accepted on one or more listings, you will receive an email notification at the close of sale, and an invoice within 24 hours.

Invoicing and Payment

Winners will receive an email including their invoice for all items won, payment details, and event-specific information. Payment is due before equipment pickup.

Pickup + Shipping Logistics

Buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs. Depending on the event, BidMed may be able to recommend service providers based on event location.

Most events will include a specific pickup window, and details regarding the process (including a responsible contact) will be sent with your invoice details.

What’s next?

Learn how events are structured, how to bid in Timed Auction events, and post-sale processing for Special Events.