Special Events are large-scale sales with a set time frame for multiple listings. These are often the result of facility liquidations due to a closure or move.

Events are structured to include three main parts: Event Details | Event Listings | Listing Details

BidMed conducts two types of Special Event sales, including Sealed Bid and Timed Auction formats. Learn how to participate in Sealed Bid and Timed Auction events.

Event Details Page

Event Details page - example of a Sealed Bid event

Event Closing Date

Shows final date for all offers.

Register Now

Participants must register for every event they wish to buy from.

View Listings

Once registered and logged in, you can view all listings. If you haven’t registered, you will be redirected to the registration page.

Event Details

Includes dates for the event, inspection, and pickup, as well as location of sale or pickup.


Below all event details are terms event-specific, including BidMed contacts.

Event Listings Page

Event Listings page - example of a Sealed Bid event

Event Details

Includes general details, such as event closing date. Extended details can be found by clicking the Event Details button.


Find equipment by condition or category, or apply user-specific filters such as watch list or items you’ve submitted offers on.


Buyers can find equipment by keyword or lot number in the search box.


Available assets will be listed, sometimes in groups of similar items called “lots.”

Listing Details

Buyers can view more details and submit offers from the Listing Details page.

Item Details page - example of a Sealed Bid event


Titles include the make, model, description, and quantity (if applicable)

Bid/Offer and Watch List

Add items of interest to your watch list by clicking the eye icon.

For Sealed Bid sales, enter your best offer for the listing and click Submit Offer. Competing bids are not publicly displayed, so you will not receive feedback on how your offer compares to others.

For Timed Auctions, enter your max bid and our automatic bidding system will handle the rest. A minimum value will be displayed here until you enter your own max bid.


Most listings will encourage several photos of the item(s) and associated pieces.

Detailed Description

Includes information about the condition of the equipment, as well as any included assets (such as software systems or upgrades)

Pricing table

For listings that include multiple items (either a system or lot of items), this table helps buyers determine their final offer. Values entered in the table will be reflected in the Bid/Offer section near the top of the page.

What’s next?

Learn how to participate in Sealed Bid and Timed Auction events.