When a Special Event ends, what happens next? How are winners notified, how does payment work, and how do you get your equipment?

Here are the 3 main steps that happen following the close of a listing:
Closing Notifications | Invoicing + Payment | Pickup + Shipping Logistics

BidMed Exchange listings, while similar to this process, have a few unique differences at closing. Click through to learn more about BidMed Exchange processing.

Closing Notification

Email notification

All participants: you will be notified of the close of the sale and asked to participate in a survey to help us improve future events.

Winners: If you had the highest bid or offer on one or more listings, you will receive an email notifying you of the status, and an invoice with specific items won will be sent within 24 hours.

SMS Update

Dashboard: Recently closed events will be listed on the Purchases: Dashboard section of your SMS portal, including the closing date, number of items you won, and number of items you submitted a bid or offer for.

SMS Dashboard

History: all individual listings you have submitted a bid or offer on which have closed will appear in the Purchases: History section of your SMS portal.

This section includes name of the listing, the platform where the listing was placed (either a specific event or the Exchange), the ultimate winning bid or offer, your highest bid or offer, and the closing date for the listing.

SMS Past Purchases

Invoicing and Payment

Winners will receive an email including their invoice, payment details, and event-specific information. Payment is due before equipment pickup.

Pickup + Shipping Logistics

Buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs. BidMed is not responsible for transferring equipment, though may be able to recommend service providers based on event location.

Most events will include a specific pickup window, and details regarding the process (including a responsible contact) will be sent with your invoice details.

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