The BidMed GreenBook is an extensive proprietary database of secondary market values for modern medical equipment. Similar to the Kelley Blue Book for the automotive industry, it allows BidMed customers to accurately price medical capital assets by reviewing current market trends on similar equipment.

Who Uses the GreenBook and Why?

Hospitals contracted with BidMed have access to GreenBook reports through the SMS.

These reports provide a clear analysis of current values for retiring assets, based on actual prices similar equipment sold for on the secondary market. They take out the guesswork for how to return the highest values on retiring equipment.

GreenBook reports can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • validating OEM trade-in offers — trade-ins, while convenient, often don’t come close to secondary market values
  • determining ideal disposition methods for retiring equipment — internal transfers on the Private Exchange, public sale on BidMed’s public Exchange, donation, or scrap
  • setting expectations for returns on equipment sold through BidMed, and for Capital Replacement Planning

How Does the GreenBook Work?

Predicting secondary market values is both an art and a science. We use a combined approach, blending both historical data and current market trends, to provide the most accurate expectations.

BidMed’s data analysts are continuously updating the GreenBook, adding over 1000 data points every week for current secondary market values of capital assets. When customers request a GreenBook report, our experts analyze recent pricing on similar equipment and return a detailed summary.

GreenBook reports include a value range, reflecting the variation that may be experienced with a rushed sale vs planned disposition. Recommendations are also provided for the best asset disposition options, including validation of OEM trade-in offers.

See image for a sample GreenBook report.

How Do I Request GreenBook Reports?

GreenBook reports can be requested directly through your SMS portal with just a few clicks.

Read more about how to use the GreenBook.

How Can I Get Started with the GreenBook?

The GreenBook is only accessible to contracted customers with a Hospital Account. Are you ready to get started with BidMed’s Surplus Management System?

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