Private Exchange for Health Systems

Proactive health systems can retain value with internal transfers — BidMed’s Private Exchange helps reallocate capital assets between networked facilities.

Internal transfers help maximize the useful life of assets and reduce system-wide capital costs with three easy steps:

1. Our user-friendly interface allows appointed admins to list assets for transfer directly from their SMS inventory list.
2. In-network facilities can view all available assets and make requests on the Private Exchange.
3. Admins review and manage requests in real time through the SMS.
Any items not transferred in an allotted time can be re-posted on the Public Exchange for open sale.

Is your system losing money due to poor integration?

If networked facilities aren’t communicating about capital assets, your organization is missing huge savings opportunities. While the secondary market is ideal to amplify a single facility’s capital budget, health systems can benefit even more through an internal transfer system like BidMed’s Private Exchange.

When an asset is sold out of network, there is an inherent loss of value:

Book Value minus FMV equals Lost Value

However, if that asset is transferred to a networked facility, the entire book value is retained within your system.

Some items with no remaining book value still retain useful life, and health systems can avoid the cost of a new unit by transferring the existing one to a facility in need.

Retain Value Using Internal Transfers

Smart health organizations know the value of a centralized system to manage capital assets. BidMed’s Tech Suite, integrated with the Private Exchange, is the perfect solution.

<div style="padding: none;float: left;display: block;"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/icons-transfer_simplify.png" alt=" " width="120" /></div><div style="float:left;display: block;max-width: 75%;padding: 10px 30px;"><h5><strong>Simplify the transfer process</strong> with direct integration to your SMS inventory.</h5></div>
<div style="padding: none;float: left;display: block;"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/icons-transfer-team.png" alt=" " width="120" /></div><div style="float:left;display: block;max-width: 75%;padding: 10px 30px;"><h5><strong>Engage the entire team</strong> with permission-based user tiers.</h5></div>
<div style="padding: none;float: left;display: block;"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/icons-transfer_facilities.png" alt=" " width="120" /></div><div style="float:left;display: block;max-width: 75%;padding: 10px 30px;"><h5><strong>Optimize savings</strong> by integrating an unlimited number of facilities.</h5></div>
<div style="padding: none;float: left;display: block;"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/icons-transfer_easyfind.png" alt=" " width="120" /></div><div style="float:left;display: block;max-width: 75%;padding: 10px 30px;"><h5><strong>Find and transfer equipment in a snap</strong> with a platform exclusive to your network.</h5></div>

Integrate your network and amplify savings today!

Simplified Medical Asset Transfers

Internal transfers are the second step in BidMed’s Asset Disposition Workflow.

If trade-in offers don’t compete with an asset’s fair market value, a health system benefits most by transferring the unit between networked facilities.

List Assets | Directors can list assets on the Private Exchange directly from their SMS inventory.
Request Assets | Directors can view and request equipment available on their network’s Private Exchange. *white-label options available
Manage Requests | Facility Admins can approve transfers leaving their facility. All listings and transfer requests can be reviewed in your SMS dashboard.
Re-list for public sale | If an asset isn’t requested in a set time period, it is quick and easy to re-list the asset on BidMed’s public Exchange.

Complete Team Engagement

The Private Exchange is designed to integrate your entire team across the system. Permission based user types cover facility-specific inventory managers up to organization-level financial oversight teams.

Basic User

Single Facility
Inventory Basics
Add/edit/manage inventory
View GreenBook reports


Single Facility
Basic User PLUS +
Request GreenBook reports
List assets on Private Exchange
Request assets on Private Exchange

Facility Admin

Single Facility
Director PLUS +
Add and edit users in your facility
Approve asset transfers leaving your facility

Org Admin

Multiple Facilities
Facility Admin PLUS +
Add and edit users and facilities within your organization

Dedicated Exchange Platform

When you subscribe to the Private Exchange, all team members will receive access to your dedicated platform. Much of their experience will be the same as exploring the public Exchange with a few updates.

Cross-Platform Equipment Searches

When searching for medical equipment on the Exchange, members can toggle between Public, Private, and Catalog listings.
*learn more about listing types on the Exchange

SMS Portal Updates

Users receive new access in their Surplus Management System portal. From the navigation panel, you can access all Private Exchange features, including:
Dashboard | View listings available from your facility, plus requests to receive transfers.
History | View all expired listings and requests, with detail to help complete approved exchanges.
Example white-labeled Private Exchange platform

White Label Options

Your dedicated Exchange can be white-labeled to reflect your health system’s brand. Update colors, add your system’s logo, and link directly to your system’s website.

Ready to retain more value in your system?