BidMed’s Surplus Management System, or SMS, helps simplify your asset management strategy in one place with a cloud-based interface. From this desktop portal you can view a comprehensive list of all your equipment and easily select when to schedule items for disposition or replacement. This tutorial will discuss the basics of managing your inventory in the SMS.

You can also download a PDF of the complete tutorial.

Adding Inventory

There are a few ways to upload inventory to the SMS, including an initial bulk upload with a CSV file, manually adding items through the SMS, or adding items through the BidMobile App.

Upload CSV

Please contact for bulk uploads.


Choose Add Inventory under Inventory on the left side.

(If you manage multiple facilities:)
Select the correct Facility in the drop-down menu.

Drag and drop images from your file to add them to the item record, or click to find them on your drive.

Add item details—complete as many details as possible. However, you can add details later, or edit multiple records together if a detail is consistent for several assets.

Save the record. It will now appear in your Inventory.

BidMobile App

The BidMobile App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can be used to quickly inventory assets in their physical location. Features include the ability to:

Scan barcodes to quickly log Asset ID numbers.

Instantly add photos with your device’s camera.

Add and edit details for assets on-site or later through your SMS portal.

Please see the BidMobile iOS tutorial for detailed instructions.

Editing Individual Items

View your complete inventory by selecting Manage Inventory under Inventory in your navigation panel.
View your inventory list

View Item

Click “View” to see and edit details for an asset.

View item details

Add / Edit Photos

Edit Individual Image(s)
Select the image to edit so it is displaying in the primary viewer above the gallery thumbnails.

Click “Edit Image” to launch image editor.

Crop, rotate, and scale the image, then choose “Save”.

Edit Image Gallery
Click “Edit Item” in the upper right side to make changes to the overall gallery (add, delete, etc).

Add Photo(s) | drag and drop image(s) from your computer, or click image field to find on your drive.

Delete Photo | click “Delete Image” underneath the image you want to remove.

Change Primary Photo | click “Make Primary” above the image you want to make the primary.
The Primary Image represents the asset in any listing format (i.e. Exchange, event, inventory listings, etc).

Edit Details

Click “Edit Item” in the upper right, add or change details, and click “Save Item.”

Edit item details

Editing Multiple Items

When multiple items have identical details (such as manufacturer or make/model), this feature allows you to quickly edit all items at one time. Fields with differing information will display as “Multiple Values,” and only fields edited in this process will be changed in each item.

1. Select Items

Click the check box to the left of an item to select it.

Select a series of sequential items using Shift+Click to choose all items between the first and second click.

Select non-sequential items using Cmd+Click (Mac) or Ctrl+Click (PC).

2. Edit button

Once all items are selected, click the “Edit” button above your inventory table.

3. Change Details

A pop-up will appear with all item details populated.
Fields where entries are not identical will read “Multiple Values.”
Edit fields you wish to be identical (i.e. Manufacturer); fields that were not edited will not change.

4. Save

Click “Update” at the bottom of the pop-up field to save changes.

Editing Settings

Global user settings can be edited to affect your SMS profile. Administrators of facilities and organizations can also edit some settings for their entire group.

Change Facility

If you manage multiple facilities, change your viewable records by selecting a different facility in the drop-down menu at the top of your SMS portal.
If you do not see the facility you need, contact your organization administrator or

Change your facility

Add / Remove Item Detail Fields

Users can individually choose which Item Detail fields are accessible in their account (SMS and BidMobile) from a list approved for their organization.

Visit User Settings under Account in your navigation bar on the left side of the SMS portal.

Under Change Table Preferences, click a field title to switch it from Available (inactive) to Active.
If you do not see a field you need, contact your organization administrator or

Add or remove fields

Re-Order Fields

Essential fields are static and cannot be adjusted.

All other fields (columns in your SMS inventory listing) can be adjusted using drag and drop behavior.

Changes made will only affect the individual user, including in that user’s BidMobile App. To see changes in the App, users may need to quit and relaunch.

Reorder custom fields

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