Hospitals and other medical facilities can stretch capital spending further by leveraging the secondary market. Whether you’re looking to buy used medical equipment sell retired assets,BidMed’s family of online auction tools can help maximize capital budgets.

Buy Used Medical Equipment with BidMed

As a trusted leader in the industry, we have developed a suite of tools to buy and sell medical assets. Unlike other auction platforms, we tailored our tools specifically for the medical equipment industry.

Hospitals and other medical facilities can find significant savings when they buy used medical equipment through the Public Exchange, Special Events, or our Catalog. Providers can also use these platforms to recover value by re-selling retiring assets.

Public Exchange

The BidMed Exchange is an ongoing, real-time marketplace built specifically for used medical equipment. With a network of over 10,000 hospitals, refurbishers, and OEMs, buyers can find high-quality assets at a fraction of new purchase prices.

Special Events

BidMed Special Events are complete online auctions featuring high-quality pre-owned medical equipment. Assets usually come from BidMed’s facility liquidation projects due to hospital closures and relocations.

Special Events benefit both buyers and sellers by streamlining the resale process. We create a direct connection between sellers and end users, keeping prices lower and returning more value directly to selling facilities.

Buyers can also rest easy knowing purchases will arrive in the best condition possible. Our specialists handle liquidation events all the way from inventory assessment through asset removal. Special events may be live auctions or closed-bid sales.

Equipment Catalog

While the Public Exchange is an ideal source for savings on quality used medical equipment, these listings can vary with market fluctuations. The Catalog, however, includes listings that are consistently available from BidMed’s Certified Refurbishers.

Contact our specialists for support sourcing quality refurbished assets.

*assets sourced may be an alternate, though comparable, model and will always be appropriate for your facility’s needs.

Whatever your needs, BidMed’s team of specialists is ready to help balance your capital budgets.

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