As our Tech Suite’s workhorse, the BidMobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch gets your inventory processed in record time. Create a comprehensive inventory so you never lose track of equipment again!

Whether you let our experts handle an initial bulk setup or start from the ground up using your own device, creating and managing a complete and accurate inventory has never been easier. Our intuitive interface makes adding items a snap. From scanning barcodes to including photos and essential details, the app will help you breeze through keeping inventory up to date.

Barcode Scanner

Using the native camera on your device, scan barcodes to process new assets. If an asset already exists in your database, you’ll receive a notice and option to update the existing item.

Assets can include multiple types of barcode identifications if necessary.

If you experience trouble scanning a barcode, or if your facility uses an ID without a barcode, the app also includes an option to manually enter the asset ID.

Unlimited Photos

Capture photographs for your own reference, or to help assets sell or transfer on the BidMed Exchange.

The more photos you can include during intake with the BidMobile app, the easier it is to identify assets later. We recommend including images of:

  • full front view of the unit
  • any damage
  • detailed components (controls, screens, modules, etc)
  • serial plate with equipment details

Autocomplete Details

To help expedite inventory processing, we have built in autocomplete features for a wide range of common medical assets.

When you begin typing an asset’s make or model, you will receive a list of appropriate options to choose from. Autocomplete also helps ensure consistency in spelling an nomenclature across inventory listings.

We have included over 30,000 unique combinations of make and model in our database. Additional fields are also customizable to your unique needs.

Quick Search

Search and edit existing inventory using either a keyword search or the barcode scanner.

Barcode or Asset Tag — to find a specific asset quickly, simply scan or type in the item’s asset tag, and your app will automatically pull the matching listing.

Keyword Search — if you don’t have the asset’s barcode or tag number with you, just search for keywords that may appear in the title or description. The app then populates a list of items matching your keywords.

Complete Integration

As part of our comprehensive tech suite, the BidMobile app integrates directly with your SMS account for seamless management between device and desktop applications.

From the SMS, you can easily:

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