Optimize Your Asset Management Strategy with BidMed’s

Cloud-Based Technology Suite

BidMobile App

Upload and manage your inventory on the go with our proprietary mobile app interface, with an integrated barcode scanner, built-in camera access, and quick search features.

Surplus Management System

Manage inventory, access internal transfer programs, request equipment valuations, view performance reporting, and simplify asset disposition with our cloud-based SMS portal.

Auction Platforms

Buy and sell assets as you need them using BidMed’s variety of online auction tools. We’ll even help you assess what your equipment is worth to optimize your returns!

BidMobile App

Upload, manage, and assess your inventory using our one-of-a-kind BidMobile app for iOS.

Create a comprehensive inventory so you never lose track of equipment again. Let our experts handle the initial bulk setup then manage additions in-house as inventory changes over time, or start from the ground up using your own device.

Our intuitive interface makes adding items a snap. From scanning barcodes to including photos and essential details, the app will help you breeze through keeping inventory up to date.

Surplus Management System (SMS)

Simplify your asset management strategy in one place with our cloud-based Surplus Management System.

From this desktop portal, you can view a comprehensive list of all your equipment and easily select when to schedule items for disposition or replacement.

GreenBook Fair Market Valuations

The SMS also integrates directly with the BidMed GreenBook, making it a snap to request fair market values for your assets and enabling the best choices in your disposition planning.

Once your strategy is in place and assets are ready for disposition, you can also connect seamlessly to our family of auction services or mark items for transfer, donation, or scrap removal.

Real Time Reporting

Track your financials with powerful reporting tools in the Real Time Reporting dashboard, accessible through your SMS portal. Whether you’re overseeing a network of facilities or managing just one, our tools break it all down for you.

  • Set and track your specific financial goals
  • Compare how your assets are being disposed, looking for hidden opportunities to recover more funds
  • Get a quick view of how BidMed has helped increase your returns and savings as inventory turns over
  • Compare results over all time, or break down reports monthly, quarterly, or annually

Buy and Sell with BidMed’s family of auction services. We can help you get the best returns on dispositions, or provide expert advice when it makes sense to purchase quality refurbished equipment.

The Equipment Wire allows users to list and bid on fixed lots of bulk equipment, distributed in bi-weekly emails and listed live on BidMed’s Marketplace.

BidMed Exchange listings include ongoing auctions with start and end times set per item and available live on BidMed’s Marketplace. Users can post individual high-quality items at any time without waiting for a Special Event.

Special Events are auctions including large-scale liquidations of quality equipment, often coming direct from service from a facility experiencing a closure, move, or large-scale upgrade.
*most Special Event sales are set for 3-5 days live online auction. Exact times may vary depending on your needs.

Our Equipment Finder service is available to help locate specific pre-used equipment you need right away but may not be currently listed in our Marketplace.

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