Inventory Assessment Services

BidMed’s medical asset inventory management services create a comprehensive view of hospital assets, providing unparalleled inventory confidence.

Whether you’re preparing for significant changes or just want a clear picture of current inventory, our on-site teams create a comprehensive view of assets and develop a tailored database maintenance plan.

How strong is your inventory confidence?

Many facilities struggle to maintain accurate capital asset ledgers due to limited tools and inconsistent processes.

These fragmented records leave assets on the books even after they’re removed, creating unnecessary expenses to maintain non-existent equipment and preventing value recovery from unused assets.

Unnecessary purchases due to lost or hidden equipment.
Increased insurance costs covering unused capital.
Service contracts on missing equipment.
Funds tied up in assets that could be sold or reallocated.

Reliable inventory enables wide-scale improvements.

A complete and reliable inventory allows you to meet GAAP auditing and financial reporting requirements, improve efficiency through enhanced asset utilization, and improve capital expenditure planning and replacement forecasting.

Financial Reporting & Audit Compliance

Reliable inventory records simplify mandated reviews and financial reporting requirements. Meet generally accepted accounting principles and pass government accounting requirements with minimal headaches.

Insurance Requirements

Make sure you keep the right policy with both specific values and total insurable values.
Inventory audits are also essential for Proof of Loss Substantiation.

Accountability & Control

Maximize operational efficiency by assigning ownership and accountability for assets. Defined responsibility also helps improve inventory record accuracy.

Capital Expenditure Planning

Asset planning and capital budgets are difficult to assess without complete data. Enhance your capital equipment planning and replacement forecasts with comprehensive records.

BidMed Gets Your Inventory On Track

Our medical asset inventory services provide consistent records that save time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Complete Inventory Processing

Assessment & Reconciliation


Ongoing Database Maintenance

Boost your inventory confidence today!

So how can BidMed help?

We offer three core inventory services to support your facility:
complete ground-up processing, assessment and reconciliation, and data standardization.

We can also provide a tailored maintenance plan for your asset ledger database.

Complete Inventory Processing

For facilities looking to start fresh with a clean inventory. Our team of specialists comes on-site to process all capital assets.

Using the BidMobile app, this process can be completed in record time. Data is then uploaded directly to the Surplus Management System, where it can be further analyzed and managed.

Assessment & Reconciliation

Healthcare facilities with existing but inaccurate records benefit from Inventory Reconciliation services.

We compare current records to actual inventory and return an Inventory Accuracy Report that outlines:
extra assets found on-site but not on original records
missing assets on original records but not found on-site
discrepancies in existing asset details

Data Standardization

Do you frequently find errors or inconsistencies in your data? Our specialists can help assess and standardize comprehensive records.

Our tech suite is also built specifically for the medical asset industry and includes features to optimize your records.
On top of it all, we provide support and data cleaning to ensure consistent nomenclature. This makes equipment easy to find and manage down the line.

Ongoing Database Maintenance

Maintaining an accurate equipment ledger is a common struggle. Our database maintenance service tailors a plan around your existing processes.

We then train your staff on these best practices, with external support from our specialists.
Quarterly or semi-annual on-site audits by our team helps reinforce process compliance and address inconsistencies before they become a bigger problem.

Complete Tech Suite Integration

Our proprietary Tech Suite makes maintaining an accurate inventory easier than ever. The BidMobile app and web-based software make updates quick and simple.

Contracted facilities can:
process barcodes and add images instantly with the mobile app
manage all inventory from the SMS desktop portal
access disposition tools that return more value on retiring assets

Gain more confidence in your inventory today!