BidMed FAQ

How do I purchase or bid on an item?

You must be a registered user in order to purchase or bid on an item. Login here For exclusive events, you may be required to put down a refundable deposit. Please check terms specific to each event.

What is the pricing structure to buy or sell equipment on BidMed?

If owner/seller is BidMed- there is no fee, just purchase price.

If owner/seller is a healthcare facility- there is a 15% buyer’s premium added to the purchase price.

What happens when I purchase/win an item?

Auction Won:
You will be notified that you have won the item, and have 48 hours to pay. There are two options-automatically pay online using PayPal/Credit Card OR contact BidMed to pay by check or wire transfer.

Fixed Price Listings or “Own It Now Price”:
You will immediately be prompted to either pay online using PayPal/Credit Card OR contact BidMed to arrange payment by check or wire transfer.

When is payment due?

Within 48 hours from the time of purchase. There are some exceptions for international wire transfers. Equipment is not released until funds are received.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and wire transfer, PayPal, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX).

Does BidMed charge sales tax?

For orders purchased in the State of Illinois and leaving the State of Illinois (must provide documented proof on BOL or equivalent paperwork), sales tax is not charged.

For orders purchased in the State of Illinois and remaining in the State of Illinois, sales tax is charged unless a resale certificate or other type of tax exemption certificate is submitted.

How does shipping work?

The buyer is responsible for pick-up/shipment of the item, and paying all shipping costs. BidMed will assist the buyer in arranging shipments.

BidMed specializes in coordinating international shipments and making sure equipment is packed according to specifications, and that all paperwork is in place to clear customs. BidMed can also offer storage solutions for buyers until they have enough equipment to fill a container.

What if the equipment is installed?

The buyer is responsible for the cost of de-installation, and must use a professional de-installation company that has the necessary insurance requirements. If the buyer would like to inspect the installed equipment before purchasing, BidMed will collect a deposit from the buyer and set up such arrangements.

What is the condition of the equipment I am purchasing?

Equipment is sold “as-is” with no warranties or guaranties (Terms and Conditions), unless it is specified that the equipment is sold refurbished and/or with a warranty.

What does “Lot of…” mean?

A group of items is being sold as one item, with one price for the entire quantity disclosed in the “Lot”. Ex. Lot of 10 Stretchers with a price of $1000 means you are purchasing 10 stretchers for $1000.

What is a reserve price?

A seller can set a reserve price when they create an auction-style listing, and it is the minimum amount they are willing to accept for the item. This price remains confidential and it is not revealed until the current bidding price exceeds the reserve. The seller does not have to sell their item if the reserve is not met.

What if I have multiple items to list?

BidMed has the ability to upload large lists of equipment instantaneously. Please Contact BidMed for more info.

As a seller, when will I receive payment for my equipment?

Upon confirmed receipt of the equipment by the buyer.

What happens if my equipment doesn’t sell?

Equipment can easily be re-listed by visiting the dashboard page.

When will my listing be made available on the site?

BidMed reviews all listings, and upon being approved, will be posted within 24 hours.