Using a digital platform for inventory processing and management comes with a lot of advantages. The first is obvious: your facility’s equipment ledger can be maintained on a single platform, edited, added to, and shared as needed.

A digital inventory is also invaluable financially, helping forecast replacements and purchases, and to maintain an accurate ledger for insurance purposes.

Managing equipment lifecycles can also be expensive — facilities spend up to $93 billion each year on associated costs! Streamlining inventory tools and protocols helps your facility improve equipment processing, boost reliability, and keep track of your assets at all times.

Why BidMobile for Inventory Management?

BidMed’s mobile app for iOS, a key part of our tech suite. It is a powerful solution designed to process, standardize, and optimize your inventory in record time. In fact, BidMobile can double inventory processing speeds for the average user.

Need to create an inventory from scratch? BidMobile users average 620 assets per week, compared to just over 300 assets processed in the same time using a separate barcode scanner and laptop.

Using a pre-loaded list paired with the app, facilities can increase speeds even more. Leveraging an existing but uncertain database enables users to process as many as 750 on-site assets per week.

This expedited processing is possible thanks to our built-in barcode scanner and autocomplete features. The scanner allows users to take photos of each asset barcode, or type them manually using an asset ID number. With autocomplete, our library of 30,000 unique make/model combinations helps users reduce processing time and errors, providing suggested equipment names as users type.

The BidMobile app also integrates seamlessly with our comprehensive tech suite. Data syncs directly to the Surplus Management System (SMS), and users can further edit and manage inventory through their cloud-based portal.

Within the SMS, you can:

  • Get accurate valuations of used medical equipment with GreenBook FMV reports.
  • Access the Private Exchange to request or offer assets for transfer within your network.
  • List assets for sale on the BidMed Exchange, our public auction platform that draws both professional buyers and other medical facilities.

Inventory Processing with BidMed

BidMed’s tools and services help keep your inventory up to date. Our proprietary tech suite gives you the tools to assess, manage, transfer, and sell your assets all in one place.

Need help updating or creating new inventory records? Our specialists can process assets for you on-site. We also offer reconciliation and accuracy reports, as well as data cleaning services to help maintain a clean and accurate inventory record.

To learn more, contact us to ask about our services or request your tech suite demo.