The BidMed Exchange reaches over 5,000 medical facilities, meaning a lot of opportunities to sell your equipment! But how do you stand out from other listings? Read on for best practices when posting used medical equipment to the BidMed Exchange, including naming conventions, additional details, and photo guidelines.

You can also download a one-page PDF guide of our listing best practices:
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Naming Conventions

Consistency in title conventions are essential in maintaining a professional and searchable listings database. Please use the following conventions (A–C) when creating new postings.

Keep In Mind

BE COMPLETE: include all information—more explicit details help catch buyers’ eyes.

DO include the make, model, and description of your equipment (description often refers to the type of machine, such as “MRI” or “analyzer”).

DO NOT add extra information in the title (i.e. instructions, promotions, additional info, etc.).

DO NOT post an all-caps title.

DO NOT use punctuation or special characters other than , . or –

A) Single Item Listing

Make Model Description

B) Identical Items (Qty > 1)

(Qty) Make Model Description

C) Bulk List of Various Items — Will you allow multiple pickups/buyers?

If yes, then:

Separate listings into groups by commonalities (such as category or modality).

GROUP: Make Model Description, Make Model Description, and more category or modality

If no, then:

Group all items as a single listing. Name the primary two items in the list. Include “etc.” at the end.

GROUP: Make Model Description, Make Model Description, etc.

Additional Details

Additional Details appear in a listing in the “description” section for the entire listing, whether it’s a single item or bulk list.

DO include any info you have.

DO NOT just copy manufacturer descriptions.

ONLY include details for this particular item and how it may vary from a new/OEM unit.

For example:

  • In excellent condition
  • Items currently operational
  • Items will be available in 2 weeks
  • All items must be sold as one lot
  • Comes with scale and exit alarm
  • DOM 2012


Include as many unique images as possible – the more demonstrative images are, the better an item will sell.

Include images of:

  • Front
  • Any damage
  • Detailed components (controls, screens, modules, etc)

DO rotate images appropriately.

DO check brightness for visibility of details.

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