Note, this post refers to Auction sale types only and is not applicable to Best Offer or Buy Now listings.

So you’ve found just the right asset that fits your needs and budget, and you’ve submitted your bid on the BidMed Exchange – congratulations! But how do you know how your price stacks up to what others have put in and whether you’ll actually walk away with that piece of equipment?

There are three key ways to track your bids:
Filter Listings to Find Your Bids | View Auction Listings | Check Your SMS Portal

Or maybe you’re a seller and want to keep track of the bids and offers coming in on your listings – are they what you expected? Jump to details about how to track bids on your sale listings in the SMS below.

Filter Listings to Find Your Bids

The BidMed Exchange offers a number of ways to filter listings, including the option to only display your bids. Check this option to only return listings you’ve placed a bid on.

Exchange Filter for Bids

Look at the Auction Listing

Listings You Have NOT Bid On

Any listing you HAVE NOT placed a bid on will display red text under the title and basic details saying, “You have not bid on this item.” The Place Bid section on the right side of the listing will display the current high bid, and the minimum next bid will display in the price box to ensure you place a sufficient bid.

Listing you have NOT bid on

Listings You HAVE Bid On

If you HAVE placed a bid on a listing, the Place Bid section will display both the current high bid, as well as your max bid. If you are winning, your max bid may be higher than the current High Bid – this is because BidMed’s automatic bidding process only bids on your behalf up to the value needed to be the current High Bid.

Your max bid reflects the maximum you’re willing to pay for the item, but is often higher than what you will actually pay. Your max bid information is visible to you and only you, and only when logged in to your account. Read more about how the Max Bid feature works.

Reserve Not Met

Some listings have a minimum reserve price, which is not publicly displayed. However, if you submit a bid that is below the minimum reserve, a notice saying “Reserve Not Met” will appear on the listing, as well as your Max Bid details.

Exchange reserve not met

If You’ve Been Out-Bid

If you have placed a bid and another user has outbid you, the listing will say “You are no longer the highest bidder.” you will also receive a notification by email asking if you would like to increase your bid.

Exchange you have been outbid

Check your SMS Portal

A summary of your current and past bids is also available in your SMS portal. To view live listings and track your progress, choose Purchases: Current Bids in the left-side navigation panel.

Here you will find details including a link to the listing, where the listing is located (Event or Exchange), the current Winning Bid, your Max Bid, and the time remaining on the listing.

SMS current bids

Past bids for listings that have closed can be found in Purchases: History and will include details for both the winning bid and your max bid. These details can help buyers understand the value of similar assets to improve future considerations on the platform.

SMS past bids

Sellers – Track Listings in the SMS

If you have listed assets on the Exchange, you can check the progress of these listings in your SMS portal under Sales: Active Listings. Here you will find details including where the asset is listed (Event or Exchange), time remaining on the listing, the current Highest Bid, and how many bids have been submitted.

SMS current sales

Listings that have closed will appear in the SMS under Sales: History, and include similar details to the Active Listings section.

SMS past sales

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