BidMed is Partnering with MD Buyline

To bring you even more savings, BidMed's partnership with MD Buyline will provide unparalleled data across new and used equipment, as well as trade-in validations.

About the Partnership

BidMed and TractManager have developed a partnership that will bring greater savings to their respective customers in two ways: comprehensive analytics for hospitals, and increased equipment available through our marketplace.

Our Secondary Market solutions provide powerful data analysis that lets you compare real market values on new equipment, trade-in offers, and secondary market equipment for asset purchases and dispositions. Effective use of Secondary Market solutions can provide returns of 3-6% to a facility’s capital budget. This could represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in residual value of older equipment that your hospital or health organization no longer uses.

Customer Benefits
Comprehensive Analytics for Hospitals

TractManager is a leader in providing unbiased pricing analysis of new medical equipment purchases. Subscribers to the TractManager program can submit OEM quotes for potential new purchases and receive a detailed analysis on the value of that quote. This report leaves hospitals with increased negotiating power to ensure equipment is acquired at competitive rates.

With this new partnership, TractManager will now offer a subscription option incorporating secondary market intelligence provided by BidMed. This allows customers to consider new vs quality refurbished equipment purchases.

Hospitals can now also submit trade-in offers for validation, allowing comparison between such offers and potential value selling assets on the secondary market.

In the end, the partnership between TractManager and BidMed will benefit hospitals by providing fortified data intelligence on both new and used equipment, both for acquisitions of new capital and dispositions of existing assets.

Contact TractManager to request a demo and learn how the BidMed and TractManager Partnership can benefit your capital budget.

Increased Equipment Available for Hospitals

BidMed is a leader in secondary market medical equipment sales, both coming out of hospitals and returning to service. We have an extended network of hospitals, as well trusted refurbishers capable of providing quality assets.

Subscribers who find the secondary market a preferable alternative to OEM purchases or trade-ins can buy and sell assets on BidMed’s auction platforms. Hospitals will also find value in an increased pipeline of equipment coming directly out of service from other medical centers.

About TractManager

TractManager’s healthcare-specific application suite serves three out of five U.S. hospitals. Serving the healthcare industry with integrity for more than 30 years, TractManager is the first-mover in strategic sourcing and enterprise contract lifecycle management. Our advisory services wrap around each solution component, optimizing purchasing and service category management, while supporting best-practice contracting processes. The company’s strategic sourcing division, MD Buyline, includes Hayes, the industry leader in providing clinically focused, evidence-based research and analysis to health plans, insurers, hospitals, healthcare systems, ACOs, and government agencies, and MedApproved, a new product approval workflow solution. The MediTract division supports hospitals and healthcare facilities with an enterprise contract lifecycle solution. Together, we are dedicated to helping our clients reduce their capital and non-labor costs, and conform their contract, policy, and procedure management to meet regulatory requirements.

About BidMed

BidMed is a leader in healthcare asset disposition, specializing in buying and selling pre-owned medical equipment. Powered by innovative technology and proprietary data, services include medical asset valuations, inventory reconciliations, and resale services.

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