While listings of all sale formats are integrated in a one-stop Exchange Listings page, each format has a unique process for completing purchases, and Listing Details pages will look slightly different.

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Universal Elements

Buyers can find some of the same elements in all Exchange Listings, making it easier to identify equipment that is right for them. Minor changes can be seen primarily in the Purchase Method section for various listing types.

Essential Details

All listings include at the top: Title, Condition, Shipping Region, Seller Type, Listing Date, Closing Date (date and time of closing, plus a days/minutes/seconds countdown), and Photo Gallery. For more information about details filters, read Filtering for Best Results.

Purchase Method & Watchlist

This is how buyers offer for, bid on, or buy an asset; this section will vary based on the Sale Format (see details below). All listings include a Watchlist icon that can be toggled on and off.


Additional information about the asset(s) will be included in paragraph form here.

Questions & Contact

Buyers may submit questions about listings when logged in, which will be answered publicly here for the convenience of all buyers. The responsible BidMed rep’s contact information is also included to help buyers with more specific needs.

Best Offer

These listings use an offer management (or sealed bid) process; offers are received from buyers and presented to the seller when the listing closes. In contrast to Auction listings, competing offers are not publicly displayed. Sellers can then choose the winning offer based on various factors, including value of offer and buyer reputation.
Best Offer Exchange Listing

Pricing Calculator

Best Offer listings often include bulk lots of equipment, so a table of assets is included to provide details on each component, as well as a Pricing Calculator to help buyers determine their final offer. Values entered in this table will be added together and reflected in the Offer field above (in the Purchase Method section of the listing). No offer is submitted until the Submit Offer button is activated in the Purchase Method section of the Listing Details page.

Best Offer listings include a pricing calculator

Purchasing Method

Details Page | Enter your best offer in the field and click Submit Offer. You will receive a confirmation email, and when the listing closes, the buyer with the winning offer will be connected with the seller.

Listings Page | Best Offer submissions can ONLY be accessed from the Listing Details page, NOT from the Exchange Listing page.


Assets posted as an Auction listing are a guaranteed sale and will be awarded to the highest bidder (above reserve, if applicable). All users can see the current highest bid, and bids are increased by pre-set increments. Auction listings utilize automated bidding to simplify the process for buyers.
Auction Exchange Listing

Closing Countdown Tracker

Auction listings include a color-coded progress bar to help distinguish when the bidding period will close, both on the Exchange Listings page and the Listing Details page.

Green: when a listing has over 70% of its original time remaining, the tracker will display green.

Yellow: when a listing has between 30%–70% of its original time remaining, the tracker will display yellow.

Red: when a listing has less than 30% of its original time remaining, the tracker will display red.

Purchasing Method

Details Page | Enter your max bid and click Submit Bid. BidMed’s automatic bidding process will bid on your behalf to keep you in the position of Highest Bidder until your Max Bid has been reached (but not exceeded). When the listing closes, the winning bidder will be notified in order to complete the transaction.

Listings Page | Bids for Auction listings may also be submitted (or increased) directly from the Exchange Listings page.

Buy Now

Listings available for immediate purchase at a set price will be marked Buy Now.
Buy Now Exchange Listing

Purchasing Method

Details Page | A button will be included on Buy Now listings that says “Buy:$” and includes the price. Simply click this button and complete your transaction to receive items.

Listings Page | Buy buttons are displayed on both the Details and Listings pages for buyers’ convenience.


A certain number of assets are commonly available from BidMed’s Certified Refurbishers and will be listed on the Exchange as a Catalog listing. While these listings do not represent specific assets available on the marketplace, buyers can choose “Request Information” on these items to source assets currently available from our trusted network.
Catalog Exchange Listing

Purchasing Method

Details Page | Choose “Request Information” to be connected to a BidMed rep who will source similar assets for you.

Listings Page | Catalog item details can ONLY be requested from the Listing Details page, NOT from the Exchange Listing page.

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