The BidMed Exchange is your ideal marketplace for secondary market medical equipment, designed for leaders in the medical industry including healthcare facilities, dealers, and OEMs. In order to connect buyers with their ideal equipment, BidMed has developed a number of filters to help narrow your search, as well as five different listing types with specific methods of sale.

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So how do I find my ideal listings?

There are three primary filters: Sale Format, Seller Type, and Equipment Condition. User-based Watchlist and Bids filters are also available, as well as Reserve filters.

To filter results on the Listings page, click “Refine Your Search” at the top of the page and select options from the available list. Additionally, results can be filtered by Equipment Category (drop-down menu – one option displayable at a time); sorted by alphabet, listing date, or closing date; or searched by keywords.

Beyond these filters, each listing also includes details regarding the Shipping Region of the asset(s), which is the general area where items are currently located; this information gives sellers an idea of shipping costs and timing. Time-based listings will also include a closing date and time, which will affect listing order if sorted by closing date.

Sale Format

There are five main Sale Formats, each with a slight variation of Purchase Method. While all listing types are included in one place on the Exchange, buyers can filter which sale type they prefer in order to narrow their search for equipment. Sale Formats are distinguished on the Exchange Listings page on the top right side of the listing, as well as by the Purchase Method buttons.

Best Offer | These listings leverage an offer management, or sealed bid, process where offers are received from buyers and presented to the seller when the listing closes. In contrast to Auction listings, offers are not publicly displayed. Sellers can then choose the winning offer based on various factors, including value of offer and buyer reputation.

Auction | Buyers can submit competing, publicly displayed bids on Auction items until the listing closes. These listings include a colored progress bar to help visually distinguish the time remaining on a listing. An automated bidding process is used to simplify auctions.

Buy Now | Exactly how it sounds, items listed as “Buy Now” are available for immediate purchase at the listed price. Simply click “Buy Now” and complete the transaction process.

Catalog | Assets regularly available from BidMed’s trusted network may be listed as Catalog items. While these do not represent specific assets currently listed on the marketplace, buyers can request information and receive details about qualifying assets directly from a BidMed rep.

Wanted | End users can post listings through their BidMed rep for assets they’re actively pursuing, allowing sellers with similar items in their inventory to submit offers and get connected directly to these buyers.

For more details on the differences between listing types, see Anatomy of an Exchange Listing.

Seller Type

The BidMed Exchange includes four primary seller types, each with common patterns for types of equipment available. Buyers may filter by seller type in order to narrow their search for typical types of equipment, shipping turnaround, equipment condition, etc. Seller types are distinguished on the Exchange Listings page by a flag at the top left corner of a listing.

OEM | As the secondary market for medical equipment grows, more OEMs are offering certified refurbished equipment to end-users. This equipment is usually ready for use by healthcare facilities.

Hospital or Healthcare Facility | Hospitals, surgery and imaging centers, doctors’ offices, and more qualify as Healthcare Facilities on the Exchange. Equipment from these facilities can range widely in type and condition, and are usually sold as-is. These assets may be like-new (such as specialty equipment ordered for a physician who has moved on), ready for service (usually 5+ years old but still in good working condition), ready for refurbishment, or parts-only. Read the description on each listing for more details.

Certified Refurbisher | BidMed has a network of vetted, certified refurbishers who come with our highest recommendation. These sellers will be marked explicitly and sell equipment that is refurbished and ready for service.

Dealer | Secondary market dealers resell medical equipment that has been refurbished or acquired through hospital liquidations. Many dealers specialize in a particular category of assets, such as Imaging or Beds/Stretchers. These assets are usually refurbished or in good working condition, though some dealers may sell off-specialty equipment to other dealers (equipment condition will be marked per listing).

Equipment Condition

Equipment on the Exchange can vary in condition, from new to parts-only. Buyers will likely have a particular condition type they’re interested in (most healthcare centers, for example, will want to avoid “Parts” condition equipment, while refurbishers will likely find value in these assets. The condition of an asset will always be listed under the listing title, both on the Exchange Listings page and the Listing Details page.

New | Sellers represent that pieces are new, never used, undamaged, and/or may be in the original packaging. Be sure to refer to the seller’s description for additional information.

Refurbished | Sellers represent that these pieces have been previously used but restored to excellent working condition. Individual refurbishment processes may be different, but the unit has been cleaned, inspected, and repaired to OEM specifications. Be sure to refer to the seller’s description for additional information.

As-Is | These items have been previously used and are being sold in the condition represented in attached pictures. Items may have signs of cosmetic wear and operational condition may be unknown unless otherwise stated. Be sure to refer to the seller’s description for additional information.

Parts | Pieces are not fully operational, may not be inclusive of all essential components, including software, or will require service/repair. Be sure to refer to the seller’s description for additional information.

User-Based Filters: Watchlist & Bids

Users can track assets they are specifically interested in by either adding that listing to their Watchlist, or placing an active bid on the asset(s). Both of these listing types can be found again by filtering your results at the top of the Exchange Listings page.

Watchlist | Buyers can develop a Watchlist of items they’re interested in by toggling the Watchlist icon. These items can then be recalled by filtering Exchange Listings with the Watchlist checkmark under Refine Your Search.

Bids | Listings a buyer has bid on (and are still active) can be recalled easily by filtering Exchange Listings with the Bids checkmark under Refine Your Search.

Reserve Pricing

Some listings include a reserve price – while this price is never displayed, no offers below this value will be accepted by the seller. Listings with bids below reserve will display “Reserve Not Met”; the first max bid placed via automated bidding that exceeds the reserve will initially display as the reserve price until competing bids drive the highest bid up.

Buyers can choose to filter listings that do or do not include reserve pricing using the Refine Your Search drop-down menu.

Shipping Region

BidMed divides listings into ten shipping regions:

New England | Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Atlantic | New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and The U.S. Virgin Islands

Mid-Atlantic | Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia

Southeast | Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee

Great Lakes | Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

South Central | Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas

Great Plains | Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

Rocky Mountains | Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming

Pacific | Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, and Nevada

Pacific Northwest | Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

Why not give the specific city or state?

Until a listing closes and a buyer is selected, a shipping region is listed to give buyers an idea of shipping cost and timeline, while still protecting sellers’ information and privacy.

Equipment Category

BidMed classifies equipment into 39 categories to help buyers and sellers connect more efficiently. These categories are:

Clinical Engineering
Exam Room
Home Care

Laundry Services
Patient Care

Physical Therapy
Sterile Processing

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