Nine of the 11 hospitals that closed in the first half of 2019 cited bankruptcy and financial challenges, leaving bankers’ and creditors’ hands full. Asset disposition has become a crucial step in regaining closure costs.

BidMed has worked with many financial lending institutions to limit losses on distressed assets. As a leader in the healthcare asset disposition industry, we specialize in asset valuations, inventory reconciliations, and liquidations.

If you’re searching for the ideal partner to help recover value from a foreclosed facility, here are a few great reasons to consider BidMed:

Reason #1: Highest Returns

BidMed primarily sells to end-users, such as hospitals, surgery centers, and private practices. This direct approach allows for much higher returns and a secure auction platform with verified customers.

BidMed’s partnership with TractManager, also offers insights into medical facilities’ purchasing behavior, improving their ability to sell equipment directly. TractManager’s suite of evidence-based research, strategic sourcing, and contract lifecycle management solutions delivers full visibility into the healthcare industry.

Reason #2: Best Data

BidMed’s specialization in appraising medical equipment provides an edge for investors. The BidMed GreenBook, our proprietary database of secondary market values, helps BidMed customers price medical capital assets accurately.

We use historical data combined with current market trends to provide fair market values. This gives our banking and lending clients access to up-to-date data and pricing information. Our tech suite, including a custom web-based inventory system, auction platform, and supporting mobile app makes the process of inventory, asset reconciliation, and sales simple and efficient.

Reason #3: Proven Experience

BidMed continuously achieves and exceeds creditors’ buyout asset prices. Our track record of minimizing investment losses is backed by 20 years’ industry experience for over 250 clients in North America and has earned us the trust of some of the largest creditors in the U.S.

BidMed provides complete on-site project management of liquidation and closure projects to make sure that our clients recover the highest value for all medical assets. Read more about some of our recent closure projects such as the Walnut Hill closure in Dallas, TX.

Concerned about taking a loss on equipment where a debtor has defaulted?

Contact BidMed today to determine the value of your medical assets on the secondary market and get started minimizing your losses.