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BidMed is a professional healthcare service partner, assisting clients globally to buy and sell medical equipment using our proprietary data system tool and an innovative web-based technology. Our goal is to create a transparent marketplace that helps healthcare facilities reduce their capital expenditures on procurement and maximize returns on dispositions. In the end, we give you the power of choice and the tools to verify those choices.

Managing your facility assets has never been so easy.


Optimize Your Asset Management Strategy Using BidMed’s

Cutting-Edge Technology Suite: BidMed Plus


Load your existing inventory quickly and easily using our proprietary mobile app interface, and mark retiring assets with the touch of a few buttons online or on the go.


Monitor your disposition plan, request validations, and integrate directly to our auction platforms using our extensive cloud-based inventory management system.

Auction Platforms

Buy and sell assets as you need them using BidMed’s variety of online auction tools. We’ll even help you assess what your equipment is worth to optimize your return on investment!


Track your funds with our optimized reporting tools. Whether you manage a single facility or a larger network, our reports put the numbers you need right at your fingertips.

Over 350 Hospitals Served Worldwide

$4.6 Million Recovered Above OEM Trade-In (USD)

$27 Million Recovered with Strategic Disposition (USD)

$14 Million Saved with BidMed Purchasing (USD)

Management & Planning Services

The key to maximizing returns is having a plan before you need to act. BidMed’s proactive approach starts with your capital budget review, forecasting excess assets and developing a strategic investment recovery plan. Let BidMed assess your inventory and recommend the best disposition methods based on individual asset valuation. Our leading technology allows us to upload your inventory quickly and give you access any time, as well as compare real-world prices to ensure competitive offers.


Allow us to track and manage your inventory so you never lose thousands on equipment just hiding in the dark corners of your facility.


Always know what your equipment is worth with the BidMed GreenBook, and never wonder if you’re underselling yourself again.

ProActive Planning

By understanding your capital budget and replacement schedules, our tailored roadmap from procurement to disposition can recover millions of dollars.

Strategic Disposition

Maximize returns when disposing of retired equipment. We can outline your best options and provide exceptional on-site project management!

Auction Services: Buy & Sell

Whether you’re looking to save on purchases or disposing of retired assets, BidMed’s various auction services will help maximize your returns.

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